Screensport Zwo: was vom Donnerstag übrig blieb

Bundesliga – Der Journalist Nick Harris hat eine Bestandsaufnahme in Sachen Bundesliga geschrieben. Für den Independent sprach er mit Wolfsburg Steve McClaren über seine ersten Eindrücke zur Bundesliga: “‘In Germany, every game has the feel of a cup final,’ says McClaren”

“Every stadium you go, the atmosphere is fantastic,” he said. “The Germans love their football and they love being successful and their league is growing [in popularity].

“My first impressions are that it’s a very tough league, very competitive every week, a little like the Premier League. To win in the Bundesliga today, just like winning in the Premier League, takes so much effort, so much focus, so much concentration. When you win in any week, it feels like a cup final, and that’s how it is here.”

Wolfsburg lost his first match 2-1 (last-minute), then lost 4-3 after being 3-0 up (to Mainz), then lost on Saturday.