Screensport am Dienstag

Laut der angesehenen kanadischen Tageszeitung The Globe and Mail wird ESPN America NHL-Rechte verlieren. Die Entscheidung soll in den nächsten zwei Wochen bekanntgegeben werden:

The NHL is expected to announce its new European TV package in the next two weeks. The league has moved away from a single carrier in ESPN Europe to individual carriers in the dozen or so European nations. The idea is to better design and implement wireless, portable and custom services for those countries. This would make possible a package whereby Finnish fans could subscribe to a package that delivers highlights of all the Finnish players in the league on a daily or weekly basis.

aus: “NHL continues to drag out Olympic decision”, The Globe and Mail, 26.6.2011

(via Kuklas Korner)

Der aktuelle Zwei-Jahres-Vertrag läuft diesen Sommer aus.…